Best Skin Care Tips in Winter for Flawless and Glowing Skin


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London: A skincare expert has revealed the Autumn/Winter skincare switch-ups you should be making this season. Jane Scrivner, from London, who has launched her £33 nourishing cleanser, has built up a vast array of knowledge after working in the beauty industry for over 30 years.


‘The focus of your winter skincare should be hydrating, nourishing and protecting your skin from the harsh weather and environmental stressors,’ she said.

‘Skin can easily become dry, irritated and unbalanced during the autumn and winter months due to cold temperatures, central heating, lack of humidity and layers of clothing.’ ‘Making a few simple changes in your skincare regime will help keep your skin healthy, happy and glowing.’

Best Skin Care Tips in Winter for Flawless and Glowing Skin

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From avoiding dry skin by ditching face wipes to applying oatmeal cream to lock in moisture, the expert has shared her secret hacks exclusively with FEMAIL…


‘The most common skin concerns during the autumn/winter months are dryness and irritation, so avoid any products that will strip your skin of its natural oils.’

‘The worst culprit is face wipes, but this also includes mechanical scrubs, foaming cleansing or any products with a high alcohol and/or fragrance content.’

‘During the colder months, you want to focus on putting on and putting in good, nourishing ingredients – not taking away the natural moisture you already have.’


‘When there is a lack of moisture in the air and the temperature is cold, your skin will thank you for using a rich, nourishing moisturizer that will not only cleanse but feed, replenish, revive and refresh your skin.’

‘Cleansing balms, milk or oils are the best options here. Think of it as cleaning build-up off your skin, not cleaning your skin off.’


‘Use gentle acids to exfoliate your skin during the autumn/winter months. Exfoliation is important all year round but you don’t want to irritate or leave the skin raw and unprotected, which is often the case with mechanical scrubs.’

‘By using Alpha Hydroxy Acids, like Malic, Lactic or Glycolic acid, you’re unsticking the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin rather than physically scrubbing them away.’

‘Look for formulas that contain a blend of acids as these tend to be gentler and will work on every level to resurface and stimulate skin cells for a fresh, youthful, clear complexion.’


‘If you don’t already have oil in your regime, this is the time to incorporate one. Oils are the food we need to feed our skin and are the best way to nourish, replenish and restore the skin keeping it healthy, strong, plump and glowing.’

‘When your sleeping your skin is free from makeup, SPF and environmental stressors, in other terms its to-do list is very short, so can really benefit from your facial oil. This will allow you to wake up with bouncy, nourished, pillow-soft skin.’

‘When it comes to choosing facial oils, ingredients are key! Jojoba oil is always a firm favorite of mine as it works with all skin types but rosehip and argan oil are also fantastic options.’

‘Look at the ingredients list and make sure your chosen oil is one of the first ingredients listed, as this will mean its good quality.’